Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Thoughts

Whats Going On,
Today I feel like venting....if you don't care...than skip this post slim...butttt...Lately, I have been growing really tired with the state of music and what's popular on the radio....I felt like listening to something chill that matched my mood (I was feeling real UPLIFTED) and knew I wasn't going to find anything I could vibe with on the radio so I went on IMEEM.com and under playlists searched for positive music...I usually like playlists with at least 20 songs so I can just let them play and not have to touch anything..but what came up??? There were a bunch of playlists, most of them with songs that came out years ago (like Bob Marley, old India Arie, and some original Lauryn Hill) and had like 5 songs on them. Looking at the playlists had me feeling like daggggg...do people still make positive music or do people just not listen to it??? If people aren't listening to it, than I guess its the djs fault right...since its the djs responsibility to break records. With that said, my new goal is to work on posting more positive music on the blog so at the very least...I can say I did my part and put on some people that I can vibe with and that I think yall need to know about it...If you don't like it than....WHATEVVAAAAA I DO WHAT I WANTTTTT (Cartman voice)....CHEAAAA SUCKAS...lol...


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