Friday, February 20, 2009

Kid Cudi New Videos

For all of yall that are Kid Cudi are three videos with him in with him freestyling on 106 and Park with Kanye(I liked Kid Cudi's rhyme but I kinda wish Kanye wouldn't have cussed in front of all of those kids...I know your Kanye cant respect the fact that the show is live....anyway)...Day N Nite...and Welcome to Heartbreak (Kanye's video that Kid Cudi's featured in)...I personally really like the Day N Nite video...sooo here ya go:



N8// said...

Yah, that day n nite video is pretty trippy.

i heard the song a long time ago on the local radio at like 5 am and that was it. no artist, no props no nothing.(like, they only played it because they had to. tsk tsk.)

but the song touched me to my soul.

I was inspired to sit down and start writing, even though I was up all night before working on music. i just couldn't stop, because i knew good people like Kid Cudi were out there and that someday he would need me.

good post, Gemz. Keep it up.

~N. Space

Miss Dj Gemz said...

Thanks for the feedback homey...keep workin on making good music and I would be glad to post it on the blog....cuz if u make good music ppl will listen...everyone might not...but there will always be some that will...

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