Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Lil Spoken Word

Sooo today's post is a poem.....before yall bammas who read the pic at the top of my blog start commenting...I thought this was a music blog...yeaaa slim it is.....but music is about lyrics...about content....about expressing how ya feel....its an extension of spoken word applied to a beat..rhythm...melody...musical arrangement (whatever you want to call it)...Alot of whippersnappers today dont get that...which is probably why music is the way it is today......sooo YAHHHH NINJA YAAHHHH....Get out my face....and start reading poetry...starting with this one that was provided by my wonderful homey Jasmine Siobhn:

Human Nature
by Jasmine Siobhan

A heartbeat away
But a world apart
The forces of the universe
Meticulously bringing what we call
Together as one
Waves crash as the emotion moves
Toward the horizon
For Love brings the dawn of a new day
To shine upon the world
Grace us with its presence
And heat up the sensual meaning of Love
The rays act as words
Glistening my feelings all over my body
Little crystals peeling away the truth
Revealing what lies beneath
My mental orgasms
Beam through my eyes
That unleash true beauty
Giving to the world what it deserves
Love that shows true passion
Because love is a passionate being
Alive and Moving
Amongst you and me
Now it is night
But I cant tell
Because you make my night shine as day
My heart skip a beat
And my reality better than my dreams

and I had to post this one by her too...because its music related..therefore I love it so much:

Ode to Music
by Jasmine Siobhan

Dear Music,

I don’t know how to tell you this
But I love you
Love so deep the intricate workings
Of my brain get butterflies
You speak to my heart
At the sound of your voice
Everything is at attention
You inspire me
You inspire my poetry
Your words are blessings
To my mind, body, and soul
How could I live without you?
You are my friend when I get lonely
Sometimes you are my one and only
You are my best lover
You make love so good to my
It warms my body
The fire between us is sensual
I bite my bottom lip
Lie back
And wait…
Wait for you beat
To penetrate my ear drum
And please my aesthetic center.
This is why
The distance between us
Is not too far
Because I need you
I need you
When I wake up
In the shower
While I’m getting dressed
On my way to class
After a hard day
You know I need to relieve some stress
While I’m doing my work
And especially in bed
Because you know you lay the beat down
Like no other.
I thank you
Because you can do all those things
And still be there
When I need
A crying shoulder
Or a listening ear
You are amazing
You are who I wish to be
You inspire
You desire
You hope all things
You endure all things
You know all things
You are faithful and true
You are humble
These are the main reasons
I love you
This is my ode to you!
Yours always,
Jasmine Siobhan McDonald


Suicide Fresh Dice City Rep. said...

Dope!! When can we hear/read more?!? keep em coming!! Also, when can i have my artist featured?!?!!? Lets get it going!!! Also, check out www.crackhouserock.blogspot.com

Al B Young Mogul

Miss Dj Gemz said...

Im going to try to post more spoken word in the future...I posted ya artist's song under my shoe feature too because his song really matched the vibe of the post...I'm going to keep checking up on what yall are doing in the future though.

-Miss Dj Gemz

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