Monday, August 24, 2009

Dr. Roxanne Shante

According to VladTv:

"So You thought that getting over on artist was going to be easy then take a lesson from an old school Legend explain her experience and what she did to the record label that was taking advantage...

When a rapper graduates with a Ph.D and gets her record label to foot the bill, now that's not something you hear about every day. Some of you were probably in tighty whiteys when Roxanne Shante, a pioneering female MC, had her run with "Roxanne's Revenge" at the tender age of 14. The single, a response to UTFO's "Roxanne, Roxanne," sold an amazing 250,000 units. Shante would go on to release two albums but she found herself constantly being ripped off by her record label.

Then she had an aha! Moment and remembered one throwaway clause in her contract that required Warner Music to pay for her education. The then 19 year old took advantage of that offer and today; Dr. Roxanne Shante has a Ph.D in Psychology from Cornell University to show for her contract. Why settle for a royalty check when you can get a Ph.D and a royalty check?
Source: /"

That is soooo whats up!!! Shout out to Roxanne Shante for being not only a pioneer in rap but also an educated black woman!! Peace and Overstanding Queen!!!


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