Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Life According to My Video Phone: 11/19 - 26 Weapons

Soooo I'm trying something new....When I go to events I'm going to get some footage on my phone and than I will post it on here. I need help thinking of a name for this series though. As of right now, it's called "My Life According to My Video Phone," but that's long as a mug lol. So please, let me know your suggestions for names for this new series. With that said, here is my first video. It's footage from the "26 Weapons" exhibit at Moderno Gallery in Washington, D.C. presented by Word's, Beats, & Life. The 26 Weapons are the 26 letters of the alphabet. The exhibit did a great job showcasing local talent and emphasized how our words are our most powerful weapon.

I definitely encourage you to support Words, Beats, & Life because they are doing wonderful things in the D.C. community. For more information on Words, Beats, & Life visit


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