Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zawcain Interview on The Blender

One of the best cyphers during the BET Hip Hop Awards, was the one hosted by Busta Rhymes (in my opinion). It featured Reek Da Villian, Zawcain, & Mickey Factz. Now I might be biased because I got to hang out with him on "The Blender" but I really think Zawcain stole the show. If you missed it here is the footage:

After watching the cyphers my cohost Dj Tony Drake and I decided we had to have Zawcain on our show. We were surprised to find out he currently lives in the DMV. He was very approachable and quickly agreed to coming on our show for an interview. Below is our conversation with him. If you are not yet a fan of him, listen to it and than check out his mixtape. I guarantee you will become a fan. If you want to hear the whole interview click here.


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