Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 Loko Replacement?

Alot of people have been stocking up on 4 Lokos since many states have already started banning the "crack in a can." Apparently, there is a new alcoholic creation out though. It's "alcoholic whipped cream." "Whipahol" Cream packs a 30-proof wallop. That's 15% alcohol by volume, containing about as much or slightly less alcohol as drinks like Bacardi Mojito and Bailey's Irish Cream. Another brand, Whipped Lightning ranges from 16% to 18% alcohol by volume, equivalent to the alcohol contained in three or four beers — that is, if you ingest the entire canister. It even comes in flavors like chocolate, raspberry, orange and cherry. Cream's MySpace page recommends adding the product to drinks like Jell-O shots. I feel like this has the potential to get very crazy...and that's all I'm gong to say on that one. Source:


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