Monday, December 6, 2010

My Interview with Mela Machinko

Hahaahha watching this cracks me up because I was so nervous (as you all can probably tell in the video). Regardless, Mela Machinko is one of my favorite singers so I had to post this video. She's been featured on alot of songs by some of the biggest names in hip hop. I was blessed to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to her about what she has coming up. If you are not familiar with her. Here's something to get you hip real quick: Ok, now that you've had a brief introduction...Here is the interview:

Carte Blanche feat. Kid Sister - Do! Do! Do!

I really like this video!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

4 Loko Replacement?

Alot of people have been stocking up on 4 Lokos since many states have already started banning the "crack in a can." Apparently, there is a new alcoholic creation out though. It's "alcoholic whipped cream." "Whipahol" Cream packs a 30-proof wallop. That's 15% alcohol by volume, containing about as much or slightly less alcohol as drinks like Bacardi Mojito and Bailey's Irish Cream. Another brand, Whipped Lightning ranges from 16% to 18% alcohol by volume, equivalent to the alcohol contained in three or four beers — that is, if you ingest the entire canister. It even comes in flavors like chocolate, raspberry, orange and cherry. Cream's MySpace page recommends adding the product to drinks like Jell-O shots. I feel like this has the potential to get very crazy...and that's all I'm gong to say on that one. Source:

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