Monday, March 23, 2009

Show Some Love

Sooo two of my friends just got there blogs up. This is what I want you to do. Click follow my blog on the right....then go to theirs and follow it lol. is DJ YS blog devoted to Pittsburgh music. is my homeboy Derrick Dapper your Nanny's Favorite Rapper's blog. Check that out too and show some love.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Authentic - Derrick Dapper and King David

Its been a long time....Shouldnt have left you...without a strong rhyme to step to...and with that said....Im proud to introduce yall to Derrick Dapper and King David...two guys who are very close to my heart because they go to my school...We have been in the studio all week banging out tracks for Derrick's new mixtape, "Forever the Freshman"...coming to a blog/college cafeteria near you....Anyway, thats enough's a pre-release of one of the tracks on the mixtape:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's Hardcore...Makin 50 Cent look Like Limp Bizkit

Sooo....Im a K'naan Fan now....and want to share my love with you...What's Hardcore is a Crazy track...Kicked and Pushed is a Lupe remix...and if Rap Gets Jealous is _____ . Yea thats a blank cuz I cant find the words to describe the track...and decided not to do it injustice with some lil word that just happens to be a part of my vocabulary but doesn't describe it....Yeaaa...CHECK EM OUT:

Monday, March 2, 2009

ABC's Remix ft. Chen Lo by K'Naan

Sooo Chen Lo just hooked me up with this new track today featuring K'Naan. I have been hearing alot about K'Naan but never took the time to listen to his tracks so this one definitely has me ready to check out more of his music.

Here's some info on the track Chen Lo gave me if you want a little more insight on these two dudes:

K'Naan, the brilliant Somali emcee/musician, is making some serious noise with his new single "ABC's" off the recently released TROUBADOUR album. The joint is a well weaved, vivid description of the realities K'Naan faced in his youth back in Somalia. Chen Lo, one of the illest up and coming emcee/musicians in the game, was asked to try his hand at the remix of an already classic joint. He kept it classic and doesn't disappoint. This was a collaboration not only waiting, but meant to happen.

Courtesy of:
Chenits Pettigrew
Liberation Music Group

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