Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mcdonalds Commercials of my friends told me they thought this commercial was racist because they got this fake Brian Mcknight acting black guy singing to sell the mcnuggets....clearly targeting a black audience....I've seen it on tv a few times...and my first thought was....dag that songs kinda hot lol....My second thought was homeboy is kind of cute...If he would have sang like that to me...I would have at least gave him half a mcnugget....what do you think??

I also saw this commercial on tv and this racist???? I wonder how Asian people feel about these little kids doing fake crouching tiger hidden dragon effects:

Lastly, I saw these two commercials while searching for the other commercials...and decided...they were postworthy too....I think my ultimate conclusion is...Mcdonalds makes everyone look ridiculous...and after posting these...I reallllly want some mcnuggets!!!!


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