Monday, January 12, 2009

College Boy Movement!!!

Those of yall that go to school in Pittsburgh might be familiar with Nick "Young Neo" Pratt. If your not, you should get familiar with him because he is one of the few artists out there who is rapping for the college students. Thats right hes on some fubu,for us by us stuff, but he is by no means a bamma. Below is the link to Nick's first album, 'The Rough Draft Vol. 1: Life, Love, and Goodtimes on Campus,' so yall could check it out. His next album is going to drop really soon though so stay tuned for the next piece of the "College Boy Movement." You can stay up to date on what Nick is doing by following his blog (!!!


Noetik said...

This Kid is nice just downloaded this Mixtape very impressed...

Miss Dj Gemz said...

You should check out his!!!

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